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Remote Customer Service Interpreter

An entry-level position that allows the greatest flexibility to work from your own location. If you are proactive, organized, and want to manage your own time, this may be a great match for you.

Job Summary: 
PROLANSER Translations is currently seeking skilled bilingual individuals to work as consecutive interpreters from various languages to English and vice versa. Interpreters will provide over-the-phone interpreting for US-based clients and support communication in fields such as insurance, finance, and healthcare, among others.     

Daily Tasks:

  • Facilitate effective communication between two parties that do not speak the same language by interpreting  from one language to another in the consecutive mode.

  • Keep a glossary of related terms up to date.

  • Follow interpreter training protocols and guidelines.

  • Report issues, if any, during or prior to interpreted calls.

  • Ensure absolute confidentiality of any and all information disclosed during the interpreted calls.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Be fluent and literate in both TL and English in order to provide satisfactory interpreting services.

  • Prepare for a minimum of 20 hours prior to and pass a Language Skills Assessment required to become a qualified interpreter.

  • Be familiar with financial and medical terms in both SL and TL.

  • Be able to communicate effectively and follow customer/Company instructions.

  • Demonstrate the highest degree of professional conduct in every interpreted call.

  • Have experience as an interpreter in a professional setting (preferred but not required).

Working Conditions: 
Interpreter must guarantee a noise-free workplace to ensure the call experience is as smooth as possible. Interpreter must have a functioning headset and a computer. Interpreter must be able to listen to and understand speech at normal levels, and speak in audible tones so clients can understand clearly. 

Work Schedule: A minimum of 4 hours a day, Monday-Friday.

Shift Type: On call.

Languages needed: Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and Korean.

Rates: Learn more.

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